27 September 2013

Hello Melbourne!

Made it. Packed up, moved countries and landed in Melbourne.

I arrive with my bags - just the ones I could sneak on the plane!
Melbourne wintery skys
 The house hunt is well on. Study has begun. The summer range production is running along smoothly. I am loving the character of this city. I love that house hunting is taking me into the vintage rich worlds of old couples and their homes. I am studying a Masters degree in Fashion and textiles and I love the feeling of my brain expanding again.
House hunting - I want this one for the olive tree and the front door...

 I have been sending around our samples for the summer range. After a month in a box it was so nice to pull it all out and see it all hung. I love the details, the buttons and the fabrics in the collection. Can't wait for the warmer weather to come in so we can show it to you all!
Some fave details in the upcoming collection