19 September 2013

Life changes... Moving countries.

Earlier this year it started to become glaringly obvious that our experience in Hanoi needed to shift. For me I felt a stagnation of inspiration- not that Hanoi or Vietnam stopped being amazing, but that I really wanted to learn new technical skills and I was failing to find those opportunities when I looked for them. Plus for my partner and son other places just seemed to hold more potential for their learning and growth too.
We talked, life mapped (dorks!) researched and dreamed about the next step. Opportunities came up in new amazing places, however, at the end of it all it was beautiful Australia, specifically Melbourne that has become our new home.
Leaving Hanoi was hard. I found it difficult to pull out of a place and experience that had been so transformative and supportive of me to discover just how very awesome I am. I found my heart, my groove as a designer and firmly established my style as an artist.
All this sounds incredibly wanky! Yep! Yet the truth is this is a blog about Kindling and the journey within the processes of making clothes, and even though it is wanky, that process has been the catalyst for great change for which I am so great full.

Here are some pictures of my favourite moments over those 3 awesome years. Xxx
Bun Rieu - I had this for breakfast nearly every morning. I never got sick of it. My greatest food love.

Mr Juki in my studio in town. The best machine I have owned (now I have sewing machines on 3 continents)
The dike road and the longest mosaic wall in the world. A daily commute. Long Bien bridge in the background.
Halong Bay and all the beautiful place I visited. So affordable so beautiful, so lucky to live in Asia!

Spring! After the long greyest coldest winter of my life...a weekend in Mai Chau blew my green love to another level.