01 October 2013

The story of a dress - 'Saturday Morning'

 The day I found this fabric I had already bought a few rolls of fabric. I loved the print and the fabric is a really great 'lahn' super soft with great drape, so I bought the roll, loaded up the motorbike and set off home. Half way there a tropical storm came up that I knew would hit before I got home. Unprepared and a bit freaked out I drove on racing against the sky. I had to cross a really long bridge over the Red River and the wind was so strong it blew fabric off the bike and then when I stopped to go back and get it, the motorbike blew over too. Now I was pretty scared. I just wasn't worried about the fabric getting wet, more that I wouldn't get across the bridge safely in the storm! Luckily a kind lady picked up some of my fabric and carried it across the bridge for me. I then drove really slowly in pouring rain all the way home and had a stiff drink. The fabric did get wet but I was able to save it from water damage, only losing one meter!

Oooo nice print
Destined for the dress on the very left...
Ha sews the samples

I test the sample with a little 'Eternal flame' Karaoke style.

And there is a new dress for the summer collection - its called 'Saturday morning.' The fabric will also be used for a soft waistband skirt with deep deep pockets.