05 March 2013

R+D - building a skirt

 I always like to have at least three skirts in a range so when I discovered a new supplier of really beautiful linens in Hanoi, I got a bit excited for some plain colour skirts with special details.

 The first one is A-line from the waist, in a navy linen. I had cut-aways left over from our Peter Polka dress (also in this range) which needed to join in somehow.

A bit of time spent at the haberdashery market hunting on my haunches for the perfect buttons - the anchor ones where tempting though a little too plasticy.

I decided on these enamel shank buttons in a blue-grey, which a little bit retro and sweet.

The second skirt came out of this watermelon linen. The underlying theme of navy, teale and wood came through with the pocket details - I really love these printed wooden buttons and have been busting to use them. They will also feature on the pockets of our Watermelon dress (also in this range!)

Here is the embroidery stage of the Picnic at the Pagoda skirt in production. This skirt is from a previous range, we have decided to repeat a small run it since our lovely customers keep asking for it. Get in quick if you are one of those ladies.