20 February 2013


Late last year Kindling quite proudly began stocking the L'usine stores in Saigon. Inhoused in a  French colonial building that has endured the ravages of two wars and been reincarnated as a ballroom, a boutique hotel, an apartment building and government offices,  L'usine meaning 'factory' is an apt name for a retail space that has been designed to feel like a  1930’s French garment factory. Each piece of industrial era inspired furniture in the space has been designed and hand-built using authentic materials such as cast iron and wood reclaimed from old weaving looms to evoke an authentic colonial feel.

I especially love the clothing racks and tables, and the beautiful and authentic pieces that can be found all over the space. It is so refreshing to be in a shop where most of what is interesting is not for sale but there to tell a story and invoke an experience.

Oh, and there is also a cafe! Delicious menu with real cake and my favourite ever tea.