25 April 2013

Quality control, pinning and folding

Today like many days, I spent doing QC - quality checking through newly made pieces packing an order for Made590.

I first double check the make - the sewing and the sizes and then I test the details like buttons, care labels, and then I pin and tag with the Kindling swing tag.

When checking some Ellen's Watermelon skirts I found some size 12s marked 10's... and so after an hour spent rechecking each waist measurement, labelling and returning them to production I was done.

Oh o! These 10's and 12's are the same size!

These buttons don't fall off :)

It is the fashion industry standard to individually bag each garment in a plastic sleeve. Back before I started Kindling when I was studying, I went to a pop up sale in Brisbane. It was massive. What struck me were the huge boxes everywhere full of plastic sleeves - all ready for the bin after only one use. I thought about all the stores on every street in every city and imagined all the waste generated by this one simple practice. As consumers we don't see this side of things as our retailers would unpack the clothes and hang them before we get to the store. Being a plastic bag hater I knew I could never follow this standard, and so Kindling has always sent our orders in one big, big bag. No one has ever complained!