05 February 2013

Studio move

With two new year celebrations in quick succession ( we are about to have TET - Vietnamese NY ... not to be confused with Chinese NY however occurring each year at the same time,) I have been full of new-year-energy for changing things around for the better. My studio was such a lovely place to work, however lacking a few essentials to grow and experiment with textiles in the way I really want to. This year I would really like to learn more and dabble deeper into new textile processes. I have been reading this printing book by Christine Schmidt from Yellow Owl workshop. I moved out of my studio over the weekend and look forward to establishing my workspace again in the new year to be more aligned with my creative goals... more printing!

Winter production is in full swing. Summer range development is coming along too. Here are some pics of TET trees on motos being delivered to front doors all over town, my old beautiful studio and a view from the potential new one.