20 January 2009

Woodford Folk Fest 08/09

Three weeks later I finally feel like I can call it the past, it really has taken that long for it to feel over, in my body and orientation for the future.
But it was amazing. We had a great time - a great spot, great neighbours, and vibe all round.

Cool things happened too - like sitting in a tiny space for 15hrs a day.... with a sewing machine to play with. Stuff came out of me.. fun stuff... like little fun friends that sem to find homes almost as soon as I had finishied birthing them.
Thats nice when that happens.
My favourite.... and he is probably the one that no-body else will ever like (good for me) is MR MOUSTACHIO - raindrop brooch. He is weird but delghted me and continues to wherever he pops up in my studio or market container... he is getting around.
Anyway I am an advocate - we got very hot (44deg) and dusty, and tired and slept funny... but... at the end James was keen to become a carnie - and thats saying something.
One day ... maybe.